Community Umpire Round

Please always acknowledge and respect umpires.

This week we are supporting AFL Community Umpire Week.

1. All players to wear green armbands (teams to supply own tape)

2. Players & Officials to line up and applaud as the umpires leave the ground Post match.

game datebyeteam ateam bplaying surfacetime
13/05/2022Southern Storm U8 MixedChannel U8 MixedCygnet Oval 118:15:00
13/05/2022Brighton  U8 Mixed BlueClaremont U8 Mixed BlueFerguson Park18:00:00
15/05/2022New Norfolk U8 Mixed BlackClaremont U8 Mixed RedCadbury Oval 210:45:00
15/05/2022Clarence U8 Mixed RedSouth East Giants U8 Mixed GreyHowrah Primary 19:30:00
15/05/2022Clarence U8 Mixed RoosNorth Hobart U8 Mixed BlueHowrah Primary 29:30:00
15/05/2022Huonville Lions U8 MixedClaremont U8 Mixed BulldogsHuonville oval 19:45:00
15/05/2022Central Hawks U8 MixedLauderdale U8 Mixed RedKempton Oval 110:45:00
15/05/2022Glenorchy U8 Mixed BlackLindisfarne U8 Mixed LightningKGV 19:30:00
15/05/2022Glenorchy U8 Mixed WhiteSandy Bay U8 Mixed WhiteKGV 110:45:00
15/05/2022Kingborough Tigers U8 Mixed GoldKingborough Tigers U8 Mixed WhiteKingston Beach Oval 19:00:00
15/05/2022Sandy Bay U8 Mixed BlueKingborough Tigers U8 Mixed BlackLower Queenborough Oval9:30:00
15/05/2022South East Giants U8 Mixed OrangeLauderdale U8 Mixed BlackPembroke Park 29:30:00
15/05/2022Triabunna U8 MixedNorth Hobart U8 Mixed RedTriabunna Recreation Ground 110:45:00
15/05/2022Lindisfarne U8 Mixed Blues
game datebyeteam ateam bplaying surfacetime
13/05/2022Glenorchy U9 GirlsNorth Hobart U9 GirlsKGV 117:45:00
15/05/2022Claremont U9 GirlsSandy Bay U9 GirlsCadbury Oval 29:30:00
15/05/2022Hobart U9 GirlsSouth East Suns U9 GirlsTCA Ground 19:30:00
15/05/2022Kingborough Tigers U9 Girls
game datebyeteam ateam bplaying surfacetime
15/05/2022Claremont U9 Boys RedNorth Hobart U9 Boys BlueCadbury Oval 29:30:00
15/05/2022Claremont U9 Boys BulldogsSouth East Giants U9 Boys GreyCadbury Oval 210:45:00
15/05/2022Claremont U9 Boys BlueNew Norfolk U9 Boys BlackAbbotsfield Park 117:30:00
15/05/2022Brighton  U9 Boys RedLauderdale U9 Boys BlackFerguson Park10:45:00
15/05/2022Lindisfarne U9 Boys BluesHuonville Lions U9 BoysGeilston Bay oval 210:45:00
15/05/2022Clarence U9 Boys JoeysSandy Bay Lions U9 BoysHowrah Primary 212:00:00
15/05/2022North Hobart U9 Boys RedNew Norfolk U9 Boys RedJohn Turnbull Oval10:45:00
15/05/2022Central Hawks U9 BoysClarence U9 Mixed RoosKempton Oval 112:00:00
15/05/2022Glenorchy  U9 Boys WhiteLindisfarne U9 Boys LightningKGV 19:30:00
15/05/2022Glenorchy U9 Boys BlackClarence U9 Boys RedKGV 110:45:00
15/05/2022Kingborough Tigers U9 Boys GoldChannel U9 MixedSnug Football Oval 19:30:00
15/05/2022Kingborough Tigers U9 Boys Black
game datebyeteam ateam bplaying surfacetime
15/05/2022Lauderdale U10 Boys BlackKingborough Tigers U10 Boys BlackClarendon Vale Oval 112:00:00
15/05/2022Brighton U10 BoysLauderdale U10 Boys RedFerguson Park12:00:00
15/05/2022Lindisfarne U10 Boys DiggersHuonville Lions U10 BoysGeilston Bay oval 212:00:00
15/05/2022Clarence U10 Boys RedLindisfarne U10 Boys LightningHowrah Primary 110:45:00
15/05/2022Clarence U10 Boys WhiteSouthern Storm U10 BoysHowrah Primary 112:00:00
15/05/2022North Hobart U10 Boys RedClarence U10 Boys JoeysJohn Turnbull Oval12:00:00
15/05/2022Glenorchy U10 BoysNorth Hobart U10 Boys BlueKGV 112:00:00
15/05/2022Sandy Bay U10 Boys WhiteNew Norfolk  U10 Boys RedLower Queenborough Oval10:45:00
15/05/2022SEJFC Giants U10 BoysNew Norfolk U10 Boys BlackPembroke Park 210:45:00
15/05/2022Kingborough Tigers U10 Boys GoldChannel U10 Mixed BlackSnug Football Oval 110:45:00
15/05/2022Channel U10 Mixed RedSandy Bay U10 Boys BlueSnug Football Oval 112:00:00
15/05/2022Hobart U10 BoysClarence U10 Mixed RoosTCA Ground 110:45:00
15/05/2022Triabunna U10 BoysClaremont U10 Boys BulldogsTriabunna Recreation Ground 112:00:00
game datebyeteam ateam bplaying surfacetime
15/05/2022Lindisfarne U11 BoysGlenorchy U11 Boys BlackAnzac Park (Lindisfarne) 213:15:00
15/05/2022Claremont U11 Boys BulldogsNorth Hobart U11 Boys BlueCadbury Oval 110:15:00
15/05/2022Lauderdale U11 BoysNew Norfolk U11 BoysClarendon Vale Oval 113:15:00
15/05/2022Clarence U11 Boys RedGlenorchy U11 Boys WhiteHowrah Primary 113:15:00
15/05/2022North Hobart U11 Boys RedClaremont U11 Boys BlueJohn Turnbull Oval13:15:00
15/05/2022Central Hawks U11 BoysSandy Bay Lions U11 Boys WhiteKempton Oval 113:15:00
15/05/2022Kingborough Tigers U11 Boys BlackBrighton  U11 BoysKingston Beach Oval 110:15:00
15/05/2022SEJFC Giants U11 BoysClarence U11 Boys JoeysPembroke Park 212:00:00
15/05/2022Sandy Bay Lions U11 Boys BlueKingborough Tigers U11 Boys GoldUpper Queenborough Oval9:15:00
game datebyeteam ateam bplaying surfacetime
15/05/2022Claremont U11 GirlsGlenorchy U11 GirlsCadbury Oval 19:00:00
15/05/2022Lindisfarne U11 GirlsSandy Bay U11 GirlsGeilston Bay oval 213:15:00
15/05/2022Clarence U11 GirlsSouthern Storm U11 GirlsHowrah Primary 210:45:00
15/05/2022Kingborough Tigers U11 GirlsSouth East Suns U11 GirlsKingston Beach Oval 111:30:00
15/05/2022New Norfolk U11 Girls
game datebyeteam ateam bplaying surfacetime
15/05/2022Lindisfarne U12 BoysKingborough Tigers U12 Boys BlackAnzac Park (Lindisfarne) 212:00:00
15/05/2022Claremont U12 BoysClarence U12 Boys JoeysCadbury Oval 111:30:00
15/05/2022North Hobart U12 Boys RedHuonville Lions U12 BoysNew Town Bike Track Oval 114:30:00
15/05/2022Lauderdale U12 BoysChannel U12 BoysClarendon Vale Oval 114:30:00
15/05/2022Central Hawks U12 BoysClarence U12 Boys RoosKempton Oval 114:30:00
15/05/2022SEJFC Giants U12 BoysBrighton  U12 BoysPembroke Park 213:15:00
15/05/2022Sandy Bay U12 Boys WhiteNew Norfolk U12 BoysUpper Queenborough Oval10:30:00
15/05/2022Sandy Bay U12 Boys BlueNorth Hobart U12 Boys BlueUpper Queenborough Oval12:00:00
15/05/2022Kingborough Tigers U12 Boys Gold
game datebyeteam ateam bplaying surfacetime
13/05/2022Kingborough Tigers U13 Boys BlackHobart U13 BoysKingston Beach Oval 118:30:00
13/05/2022Lauderdale U13 BoysBrighton  U13 BoysSkyBus Oval 118:30:00
15/05/2022Lindisfarne U13 BoysClaremont U13 Boys BulldogsAnzac Park (Lindisfarne) 110:30:00
15/05/2022Glenorchy U13 BoysSandy Bay Lions U13 BoysKGV 115:15:00
15/05/2022South East Giants U13 BoysClarence U13 BoysPembroke Park 115:00:00
15/05/2022Kingborough Tigers U13 Boys Gold
game datebyeteam ateam bplaying surfacetime
15/05/2022Lindisfarne U13 GirlsNorth Hobart U13 GirlsAnzac Park (Lindisfarne) 114:30:00
15/05/2022Claremont U13 Girls BulldogsLauderdale U13 GirlsCadbury Oval 114:15:00
15/05/2022Kingborough Tigers U13 Girls BlackKingborough Tigers U13 Girls GoldKingston Beach Oval 112:45:00
15/05/2022Claremont U13 GirlsSandy Bay U13 GirlsCadbury Oval 113:00:00
15/05/2022Brighton  U13 GirlsSouth East Suns U13 GirlsFerguson Park9:15:00
15/05/2022Hobart-Glenorchy U13 GirlsNew Norfolk U13 GirlsTCA Ground 112:00:00
15/05/2022Clarence U13 Girls
game datebyeteam ateam bplaying surfacetime
15/05/2022Clarence U14 Boys RoosSandy Bay Lions U14 BoysClarence HS Oval 113:00:00
15/05/2022Clarence U14 Boys RedKingborough Tigers U14 Boys A1Clarence HS Oval 114:30:00
15/05/2022North Hobart U14 BoysClaremont U14 Boys A1New Town Bike Track Oval 113:00:00
15/05/2022Lindisfarne U14 Boys A1
game datebyeteam ateam bplaying surfacetime
13/05/2022South East Giants U14 BoysBrighton U14 BoysPembroke Park 119:30:00
15/05/2022Channel U14 Boys A2Lauderdale U14 BoysSnug Football Oval 113:15:00
15/05/2022New Norfolk U14 Boys
game datebyeteam ateam bplaying surfacetime
15/05/2022North Hobart U15 BoysKingborough Tigers U15 Boys BlackNew Town Bike Track Oval 111:00:00
15/05/2022Lauderdale U15 BoysLindisfarne U15 BoysSkyBus Oval 19:30:00
15/05/2022Clarence U15 Boys
game datebyeteam ateam bplaying surfacetime
15/05/2022Huonville Lions U15 BoysClaremont U15 BoysHuonville oval 111:00:00
15/05/2022Glenorchy U15 BoysSouthern Storm U15 BoysKGV 113:15:00
15/05/2022Kingborough Tigers U15 Boys GoldBrighton U15 BoysKingston Beach Oval 114:15:00
game datebyeteam ateam bplaying surfacetime
15/05/2022Kingborough Tigers U15 Girls BlackSandy Bay U15 Girls WhiteThompson Oval13:30:00
15/05/2022Sandy Bay U15 Girls BlueKingborough Tigers U15 Girls GoldThompson Oval15:00:00
15/05/2022Clarence U15 GirlsLauderdale U15 GirlsThompson Oval16:30:00
15/05/2022North Hobart U15 Girls
game datebyeteam ateam bplaying surfacetime
15/05/2022Claremont U15 GirlsBrighton  U15 GirlsThompson Oval9:00:00
15/05/2022Glenorchy U15 GirlsNew Norfolk U15 GirlsThompson Oval10:30:00
15/05/2022Lindisfarne U15 GirlsSouth East Suns U15 GirlsThompson Oval12:00:00
game datebyeteam ateam bplaying surfacetime
13/05/2022Brighton U16.5 BoysLauderdale U16.5 BoysThompson Oval19:00:00
13/05/2022Kingborough Tigers U16.5 BoysNorth Hobart U16.5 BoysTwin Ovals 119:00:00
15/05/2022New Norfolk  U16.5 BoysSandy Bay U16.5 BoysTwin Ovals 212:00:00
15/05/2022Clarence U16.5 Boys
game datebyeteam ateam bplaying surfacetime
15/05/2022North Hobart U17.5 GirlsLauderdale U17.5 GirlsNew Town Bike Track Oval 19:30:00
15/05/2022Sandy Bay U17.5 Girls BlueNorthern Warriors U17.5 GirlsUpper Queenborough Oval15:00:00
15/05/2022Huonville Lions U17.5 Girls Gold
game datebyeteam ateam bplaying surfacetime
15/05/2022New Norfolk  U17.5 GirlsSouthern Storm U17.5 GirlsTwin Ovals 214:00:00
15/05/2022Sandy Bay U17.5 Girls WhiteHuonville Lions U17 Girls REDUpper Queenborough Oval13:30:00
game datebyeteam ateam bplaying surfacetime
14/05/2022Kingborough Tigers U18 BoysLauderdale U18 BoysTwin Ovals 19:30:00
14/05/2022Launceston U18 BoysNorth Hobart U18 BoysWindsor Park (Riverside) 19:30:00
14/05/2022Clarence U18 Boys
14/05/2022Northern Bombers U18 Boys