Please find below this weekend’s Barwick’s STJFL Fixtures 25-29 May


The Bridgewater Bridge will be closed from Friday, 27 May 2022 at 8:00 pm and will reopen on Monday, 30 May 2022 at 6:00 am.

During this time the Bridgewater Bridge will be completely closed to all traffic on both land and water.

game datebyeteam ateam bplaying surfacetime
27/05/2022 Glenorchy U8 Mixed BlackGlenorchy U8 Mixed WhiteKGV 117:00:00
27/05/2022 Kingborough Tigers U8 Mixed WhiteKingborough Tigers U8 Mixed BlackKingston Beach Oval 118:00:00
29/05/2022 New Norfolk U8 Mixed BlackBrighton  U8 Mixed BlueBoyer Oval 19:30:00
29/05/2022 Lauderdale U8 Mixed RedLauderdale U8 Mixed BlackClarendon Vale Oval 19:30:00
29/05/2022 Lindisfarne U8 Mixed BluesSouth East Giants U8 Mixed GreyGeilston Bay oval 29:30:00
29/05/2022 Clarence U8 Mixed RoosLindisfarne U8 Mixed LightningHowrah Primary 19:30:00
29/05/2022 North Hobart U8 Mixed RedNorth Hobart U8 Mixed BlueJohn Turnbull Oval9:30:00
29/05/2022 Central Hawks U8 MixedClaremont U8 Mixed BlueKempton Oval 110:45:00
29/05/2022 Southern Storm U8 MixedSandy Bay U8 Mixed WhiteKermandie 19:30:00
29/05/2022 Sandy Bay U8 Mixed BlueChannel U8 MixedLower Queenborough Oval9:30:00
29/05/2022 South East Giants U8 Mixed OrangeClaremont U8 Mixed RedPembroke Park 210:45:00
29/05/2022 Kingborough Tigers U8 Mixed GoldHuonville Lions U8 MixedSnug Football Oval 110:45:00
29/05/2022 Triabunna U8 MixedClarence U8 Mixed RedTriabunna Recreation Ground 112:45:00
29/05/2022Claremont U8 Mixed Bulldogs   
game datebyeteam ateam bplaying surfacetime
27/05/2022 Hobart U9 GirlsClaremont U9 GirlsTCA Ground 117:55:00
29/05/2022 North Hobart U9 GirlsSandy Bay U9 GirlsJohn Turnbull Oval10:45:00
29/05/2022 South East Suns U9 GirlsKingborough Tigers U9 GirlsPembroke Park 29:30:00
29/05/2022Glenorchy U9 Girls   
game datebyeteam ateam bplaying surfacetime
29/05/2022 New Norfolk U9 Boys BlackLindisfarne U9 Boys LightningBoyer Oval 19:30:00
29/05/2022 Claremont U9 Boys BlueLauderdale U9 Boys BlackCadbury Oval 29:30:00
29/05/2022 Claremont U9 Boys RedHuonville Lions U9 BoysCadbury Oval 210:45:00
29/05/2022 Brighton  U9 Boys RedLindisfarne U9 Boys BluesFerguson Park10:45:00
29/05/2022 Clarence U9 Mixed RoosKingborough Tigers U9 Boys BlackHowrah Primary 29:15:00
29/05/2022 Clarence U9 Boys JoeysNew Norfolk U9 Boys RedHowrah Primary 210:30:00
29/05/2022 North Hobart U9 Boys BlueClarence U9 Boys RedJohn Turnbull Oval12:00:00
29/05/2022 Central Hawks U9 BoysSouth East Giants U9 Boys GreyKempton Oval 112:00:00
29/05/2022 Glenorchy  U9 Boys WhiteClaremont U9 Boys BulldogsKGV 19:00:00
29/05/2022 Glenorchy U9 Boys BlackKingborough Tigers U9 Boys GoldKGV 110:15:00
29/05/2022 Sandy Bay Lions U9 BoysNorth Hobart U9 Boys RedLower Queenborough Oval10:45:00
29/05/2022Channel U9 Mixed   
game datebyeteam ateam bplaying surfacetime
29/05/2022 New Norfolk  U10 Boys RedNorth Hobart U10 Boys BlueBoyer Oval 110:45:00
29/05/2022 Claremont U10 Boys BulldogsGlenorchy U10 BoysCadbury Oval 212:00:00
29/05/2022 Lauderdale U10 Boys BlackChannel U10 Mixed BlackClarendon Vale Oval 110:45:00
29/05/2022 Lindisfarne U10 Boys DiggersBrighton U10 BoysGeilston Bay oval 210:45:00
29/05/2022 Lindisfarne U10 Boys LightningClarence U10 Mixed RoosGeilston Bay oval 212:00:00
29/05/2022 Clarence U10 Boys WhiteKingborough Tigers U10 Boys GoldHowrah Primary 110:45:00
29/05/2022 Clarence U10 Boys RedNew Norfolk U10 Boys BlackHowrah Primary 112:00:00
29/05/2022 North Hobart U10 Boys RedSandy Bay U10 Boys WhiteJohn Turnbull Oval13:15:00
29/05/2022 Kingborough Tigers U10 Boys BlackClarence U10 Boys JoeysKingston Beach Oval 19:30:00
29/05/2022 Sandy Bay U10 Boys BlueSouthern Storm U10 BoysLower Queenborough Oval12:00:00
29/05/2022 SEJFC Giants U10 BoysLauderdale U10 Boys RedPembroke Park 212:00:00
29/05/2022 Channel U10 Mixed RedHuonville Lions U10 BoysSnug Football Oval 112:00:00
29/05/2022 Triabunna U10 BoysHobart U10 MixedTriabunna Recreation Ground 111:30:00
game datebyeteam ateam bplaying surfacetime
29/05/2022 Lindisfarne U11 BoysBrighton  U11 BoysAnzac Park (Lindisfarne) 110:45:00
29/05/2022 Claremont U11 Boys BulldogsGlenorchy U11 Boys BlackCadbury Oval 110:45:00
29/05/2022 Lauderdale U11 BoysGlenorchy U11 Boys WhiteClarendon Vale Oval 113:30:00
29/05/2022 Clarence U11 Boys RedClaremont U11 Boys BlueHowrah Primary 113:15:00
29/05/2022 North Hobart U11 Boys RedSandy Bay Lions U11 Boys WhiteJohn Turnbull Oval14:30:00
29/05/2022 Central Hawks U11 BoysSEJFC Giants U11 BoysKempton Oval 113:15:00
29/05/2022 Kingborough Tigers U11 Boys BlackClarence U11 Boys JoeysKingston Beach Oval 110:45:00
29/05/2022 Kingborough Tigers U11 Boys GoldNorth Hobart U11 Boys BlueKingston Beach Oval 112:00:00
29/05/2022 Sandy Bay Lions U11 Boys BlueNew Norfolk U11 BoysLower Queenborough Oval13:15:00
game datebyeteam ateam bplaying surfacetime
29/05/2022 Claremont U11 GirlsNew Norfolk U11 GirlsCadbury Oval 213:15:00
29/05/2022 Clarence U11 GirlsLindisfarne U11 GirlsHowrah Primary 211:45:00
29/05/2022 Southern Storm U11 GirlsSouth East Suns U11 GirlsKermandie 110:45:00
29/05/2022 Glenorchy U11 GirlsSandy Bay U11 GirlsKGV 110:15:00
29/05/2022Kingborough Tigers U11 Girls   
game datebyeteam ateam bplaying surfacetime
27/05/2022 Channel U12 BoysNorth Hobart U12 Boys RedSnug Football Oval 118:00:00
29/05/2022 Lindisfarne U12 BoysKingborough Tigers U12 Boys GoldAnzac Park (Lindisfarne) 112:00:00
29/05/2022 Clarence U12 Boys JoeysNew Norfolk U12 BoysClarence HS Oval 113:00:00
29/05/2022 Clarence U12 Boys RoosNorth Hobart U12 Boys BlueClarence HS Oval 114:30:00
29/05/2022 Lauderdale U12 BoysSandy Bay U12 Boys BlueClarendon Vale Oval 112:00:00
29/05/2022 Brighton  U12 BoysCentral Hawks U12 BoysFerguson Park12:00:00
29/05/2022 SEJFC Giants U12 BoysKingborough Tigers U12 Boys BlackPembroke Park 213:15:00
29/05/2022 Sandy Bay U12 Boys WhiteHuonville Lions U12 BoysUpper Queenborough Oval10:00:00
29/05/2022Claremont U12 Boys   
game datebyeteam ateam bplaying surfacetime
27/05/2022 Kingborough Tigers U13 Boys BlackKingborough Tigers U13 Boys GoldKingston Beach Oval 119:00:00
27/05/2022 Hobart U13 BoysBrighton  U13 BoysTCA Ground 119:00:00
29/05/2022 Lindisfarne U13 BoysSandy Bay Lions U13 BoysAnzac Park (Lindisfarne) 115:00:00
29/05/2022 Claremont U13 Boys BulldogsClarence U13 BoysCadbury Oval 113:30:00
29/05/2022 Lauderdale U13 BoysGlenorchy U13 BoysSkyBus Oval 110:30:00
29/05/2022South East Giants U13 Boys   
game datebyeteam ateam bplaying surfacetime
29/05/2022 Kingborough Tigers U13 Girls GoldClaremont U13 Girls BulldogsKingston Beach Oval 113:15:00
29/05/2022 North Hobart U13 GirlsKingborough Tigers U13 Girls BlackNew Town Bike Track Oval 110:30:00
29/05/2022 Lauderdale U13 GirlsLindisfarne U13 GirlsSkyBus Oval 114:00:00
game datebyeteam ateam bplaying surfacetime
29/05/2022 Claremont U13 GirlsBrighton  U13 GirlsCadbury Oval 112:00:00
29/05/2022 Clarence U13 GirlsSandy Bay U13 GirlsClarence HS Oval 111:30:00
29/05/2022 Hobart-Glenorchy U13 GirlsSouth East Suns U13 GirlsKGV 113:00:00
29/05/2022New Norfolk U13 Girls   
game datebyeteam ateam bplaying surfacetime
29/05/2022 Claremont U14 Boys A1Kingborough Tigers U14 Boys A1Abbotsfield Park 19:30:00
29/05/2022 Clarence U14 Boys RoosClarence U14 Boys RedClarence HS Oval 110:00:00
29/05/2022 Sandy Bay Lions U14 BoysLindisfarne U14 Boys A1Upper Queenborough Oval13:00:00
29/05/2022North Hobart U14 Boys   
game datebyeteam ateam bplaying surfacetime
27/05/2022 Channel U14 Boys A2South East Giants U14 BoysSnug Football Oval 119:30:00
29/05/2022 New Norfolk U14 BoysBrighton U14 BoysBoyer Oval 112:00:00
29/05/2022Lauderdale U14 Boys   
game datebyeteam ateam bplaying surfacetime
27/05/2022 Lindisfarne U15 BoysClarence U15 BoysAnzac Park (Lindisfarne) 119:00:00
27/05/2022 Kingborough Tigers U15 Boys BlackLauderdale U15 BoysTwin Ovals 119:00:00
29/05/2022North Hobart U15 Boys   
game datebyeteam ateam bplaying surfacetime
29/05/2022 Huonville Lions U15 BoysGlenorchy U15 BoysTwin Ovals 29:30:00
29/05/2022 Claremont U15 BoysKingborough Tigers U15 Boys GoldTwin Ovals 211:45:00
29/05/2022 Southern Storm U15 BoysBrighton U15 BoysTwin Ovals 214:00:00
game datebyeteam ateam bplaying surfacetime
27/05/2022 Lauderdale U15 GirlsSandy Bay U15 Girls WhiteSkyBus Oval 118:00:00
29/05/2022 Kingborough Tigers U15 Girls GoldNorth Hobart U15 GirlsKingston Beach Oval 114:30:00
29/05/2022 Sandy Bay U15 Girls BlueKingborough Tigers U15 Girls BlackUpper Queenborough Oval11:30:00
29/05/2022Clarence U15 Girls   
game datebyeteam ateam bplaying surfacetime
29/05/2022 Lindisfarne U15 GirlsClaremont U15 GirlsAnzac Park (Lindisfarne) 113:30:00
29/05/2022 Glenorchy U15 GirlsBrighton  U15 GirlsKGV 111:30:00
29/05/2022 South East Suns U15 GirlsNew Norfolk U15 GirlsPembroke Park 214:45:00
game datebyeteam ateam bplaying surfacetime
29/05/2022 Lauderdale U16.5 BoysClarence U16.5 BoysSkyBus Oval 112:00:00
29/05/2022 Brighton U16.5 BoysKingborough Tigers U16.5 BoysThompson Oval13:30:00
29/05/2022 Sandy Bay U16.5 BoysNorth Hobart U16.5 BoysUpper Queenborough Oval14:30:00
29/05/2022New Norfolk  U16.5 Boys   
game datebyeteam ateam bplaying surfacetime
29/05/2022 Northern Warriors U17.5 GirlsNorth Hobart U17.5 GirlsAbbotsfield Park 111:00:00
29/05/2022 Huonville Lions U17.5 Girls GoldLauderdale U17.5 GirlsHuonville oval 19:30:00
29/05/2022Sandy Bay U17.5 Girls Blue   
game datebyeteam ateam bplaying surfacetime
29/05/2022 New Norfolk  U17.5 GirlsSandy Bay U17.5 Girls WhiteBoyer Oval 113:30:00
29/05/2022 Southern Storm U17.5 GirlsHuonville Lions U17 Girls REDKermandie 112:00:00
game datebyeteam ateam bplaying surfacetime
27/05/2022 Northern Bombers U18 BoysLaunceston U18 BoysInvermay Park 116:30:00
28/05/2022 Clarence U18 BoysLauderdale U18 BoysBellerive Oval 19:30:00
28/05/2022 North Hobart U18 BoysKingborough Tigers U18 BoysNorth Hobart Oval 19:30:00