Codes of Conduct

Following a spate of incidents involving players, spectators and officials at recent junior football matches, the Southern Football Tribunal wishes to convey the following message.

Breaches of codes of conduct which threaten the safety, inclusiveness and enjoyment of all persons attending junior football matches will be severely dealt with by the controlling body and the Southern Football Tribunal.

The STJFL endorses this message and asks that clubs convey this message via all its teams, officials, players, parents, and supporters.

 Archie’s 100

The PURPOSE of Archie’s 100 run is designed to raise awareness for organ and blood donation and its role in the community, acknowledging our emergency services workers and the significance of their roles. The run will also raise funds for projects within the Children’s wards in hospitals here in Tasmania.

To donate or find more information, head to:

What an inspirational article in the Sunday Mercury highlighting the courage of Haley and Damien Green who through their charity “Archie 100”, which they established after the tragic sudden death of their muched loved son Archie are raising awareness of organ donation and blood donation . From Archie’s death he , via his generous patents, gave hope and indeed life to five recipients of organ donation. Archie received many litres of blood in an attempt to save his life thus the reason the Green family and all of us at the STJFL are supporting giving blood. On Sunday the 6th of August we, the Southern Tasmanian Junior Football League, are wearing Green wrist bands in support and a show of solidarity of the Green Family as we remember Archie and we ask everyone to give blood…. It might be you or a love one who needs it next….. and to also have a deep think about giving life via organ donation if the situation ever arises.

Together we can make a difference so please give blood and share the message

Survey on concussion to improve understanding / literacy.

The AFL have recently engaged Matterworks to assist us with gathering community insights and developing a consumer-facing concussion education strategy and content & channel distribution strategy.  This work is primarily focused around increasing engagement / understanding for junior and youth players, their parents, coaches (of all ages) and secondary school teachers involved in delivering AFL competitions / programs.

The STJFL endorses the random survey.

  • 1,000 randomly selected parents of junior / youth football – i.e., email to parents to answer from their own perspective.
  • 1,000 randomly selected junior / youth footballers – i.e., email to parents to help their child complete the survey (i.e., from the child’s perspective)

Junior Gala Days

Across the next three weekends Gala Days will be held for various venues for age groups as listed below.

First Named teams for Gala Days are the designated home team and thus assume those responsibilities.

30th July                 U12 Boys               Pontville

6th August              U12 Boys               Pontville

6th August              U8 Mixed               Cadbury’s

6th August              U10 Mixed            Snug

STJFL Youth Finals

Youth Competition Grade Finals start soon across varying dates.

Finals have been scheduled with a mix of Friday night or Sundays.

Please find link to League Operations | STJFL for schedule of finals formats.

6th August              U14A2 & U16 Girls finals commence.

13th August            U13, U14 Boys & U14A1 Girls finals commence.

18th August            U15 & U16.5 Boys finals commence.

27th August            Grand Finals for Girls; U14A2, U14A1, U16 Girls

3rd September      Grand Finals for Girls U18 and Boys U13 & U14

8th September      Grand Finals for Boys U15 & U16.5

U18 Boys Finals commence weekend of 7/8/9/10th September and where possible aligned with TSL Finals,

with Grand Final either Friday 22nd September or Saturday 23rd September.

  • For teams participating in finals, we shall require copy of team photo’s with players names,

one week prior to your finals commencing.